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The A2 English Test which is required if you are looking to apply for a Spouse Extension Visa. We are here to meet all of your A2 English Test needs. At A2 English Test Centre we provide you with all the tools and resources you’ll need to successfully pass your exam. As part of this promise to provide the best, we give you access to the Leicester centre and will provide you with a qualification within a few days. Exam venues are neatly scattered all over the UK with one of the main ones situated here in Leicester. 

A2 English test booking Leicester

Do you live in, around or fairly close to Leicester and you are in the process of applying for the A2 English Test or looking to do so in the near future? If you’ve answered yes to the question or even just a maybe for the time being, you’ve come to the right place! Talk about a double whammy of good luck. A2 English Test specialises in ushering you towards a certification that is required by the Home Office for your immigration application.

On the 5th of November 2015 the Home Office introduced changes to the English test for immigration purposes. All tests must now be done through a Home Office approved Secure English Language Test centre (SELT). The requirements set out can be achieved by obtaining one of the approved qualifications in English at minimum A1 for applicants for a Spouse Visa, A2 for Extension purposes and B1 for Indefinite Leave to Remain or Citizenship applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leicester is famous for its diversity and as a result there are dozens of festivals that run throughout the year. It’s fair to say our city knows how to party. The Caribbean Carnival is said to be the largest in the UK after Notting Hill, but where we really have bragging rights is the way Leicester marks Diwali.

Leicester is not an unsafe place to live, but it has higher rates of antisocial behaviour and violent crime than some other cities in the area. You can report violent crime or antisocial behaviour by calling 101 or 999.

Leicester city has recently become well known for the discovery of the body of King Richard III, the last of the Plantagenet kings. He has more recently been reburied in Leicester Cathedral. Loughborough is famous for its university, which is a centre of excellence for sports development.

Distance between Leicester and London is 143 kilometers (89 miles). Driving distance from Leicester to London is 164 kilometers (102 miles).

How to get to the A2 English exam Centre

The English exam centre is located in the Leicester city centre (Trinity SELT, Voluntary Action Leicestershire 9 Newarke St Leicester Leicestershire LE1 5SN) not far from the train station. See below for directions on getting to the A2 English test centre. If you happen to be running late give us a call immediately to let us know. Please come with the correct details otherwise you will not be able to sit you exam and you will be turned away.