B1 English test booking (GESE Grade 5)

The Trinity B1 GESE Grade 5 exam is a 10 minute speaking and listening test that can be taken at an approved SELT centre. The test is used to prove your level of English proficiency and is required when applying for:

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • Settlement/Permanent Residency
  • British Citizenship (Naturalisation)

B1 English Test Booking

When conducting your B1 English test booking, please ensure that all required documentation is filled out before your attendance at one of our facilities; if not, you may not be permitted to partake in the B1 English test. Applicants must book their B1 English test 3 days in advance; next day booking is not available. Exam times are not guaranteed; however, morning exams will occur between 9 am and 12:15 pm, and afternoon exams will occur between 1:15 pm and 4:30 pm. When you’ve booked your test, you will receive an email indicating what time your B1 test is scheduled for. We will also send you an email to confirm your attendance once you’ve completed your B1 English test booking. On the day that the exam is being held, make sure you are available and prepared to take the B1 English Test. If unsure of where your testing facility is being held or how to get there, please refer to your emails as the location and time will have been sent to you. If unable to find your testing facility, we also provide detailed directions on google maps explaining the fastest routes to each location.

B1 English Test Price

The price of the B1 English test is £250 GBP; this covers both the preparation and the exam. The B1 English test will take place at an approved Trinity college centre and costs £250 GBP and covers both your listening and speaking portions of your B1 Test. The preparations you will receive for your B1 test is included in the fee.

This Includes: your SELT Exam – secure delivery of certificate – online video training/preparation – Make changes or reschedule at no extra cost – Access to an English tutor and 2 free retakes of exam. Certificate available 24hours after the test.

The cost of the preparations for your B1 English Test covers your one on one tutor sessions and your pdf copies of past exam papers to utilise in preparations for your upcoming test. If you desire to cancel a test booking, a £50.00 administration fee will apply to this transaction; this fee covers the expenses we incur processing the original payment and your refund. However, if you wish to reschedule your B1 English test date, you can do so at no extra cost.

What do I Need to Book my B1 English Test?

 📞 0330 043 0732 – To schedule your B1 English test, please choose a date at least three days in advance; bookings taken after 4 pm on a Friday will not be actioned until Monday morning after 10 am. You will need to have a form of identification with a recent photo and address; you will also require a form of payment for the B1 English Test. Please ensure that the details you enter on the booking form match your ID; you must also bring this same ID to the B1 English Test.

If your ID does not match either on the day of the exam or with the details provided online, you will not be able to take your exam. If your ID information does not match and you are denied access to the testing facility, you may not receive a refund, so please ensure your ID matches. After you have submitted the information on the booking form, you will receive a copy of the data that you have provided.

The information you submitted will be sent to your email alongside login details to access the B1 English test training material. After registration, please ensure that you check your emails and have been provided with all of the previously stated data.  

Here at the test centre, we are dedicated to helping to facilitate your B1 English test and provide you with the best learning experience possible. Thank you for selecting us to guide you through this learning process.