A2 English Test

UK Visas and Immigrations require non-EEA nationals to pass a Secure English Language Test.

A2 English Test

UK Visas and Immigrations requires non-EEA nationals to pass a Secure English Language Test in speaking and listening at level A2 after two and a half year in the UK, in order to qualify for further leave to remain on the five-year partner or parent route to settlement. The purpose of this page is to give you a fresh revelation and ground-breaking insight into everything you need to know about the A2 English Test which is a requirement for British Citizenship, Naturalisation, ILR Settlement, Spouse/Partner Visas, Private Taxi Licence. We will thoroughly cover how you need to prepare for the test and how to book for an exam at a centre near you. We have a team at the ready to answer any questions you might have. Our goal is to help you get through the process as quick as possible.

For A2 level English Exam

According to the CEFR Common Reference levels there is a structured set of descriptors for many different categories that need to be met. For A2 level these include the following statements:

The applicant need to be able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment)

The applicant needs to be able to communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters

The applicant needs to be able to describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need

The exam will consist of a 7 minute speaking and listening test. You can expect to receive your provisional results by mail at 9 am the day after your test and your certificate is usually sent within 7 days. A2 English Test provides all of this and more and is definitely the way to go. Get in touch today.

A2 English Test cost

The cost of a product or service is always a big determining factor in terms of the overall success of the specific business or company offering it. For this reason it’s crucial to have competitive rates, but within realistic margins. Speaking of competitive and realistic, I would like to mention A2 English Test. We offer both approved A2 speaking and listening tests at £150 per applicant. Another £70 is required for the online preparation. Which brings the total to a very reasonable £220. If you pass the exam the first time, which you will do when following the extremely simple yet effective process that we at A2 English Test provides, it will without a doubt be the best £220 pounds you will ever spend. It unlocks your new future and that of your family and their generations to come. 

There are loads of different ways to learn English in the UK and a wide range of accredited courses where tuition takes place through face-to-face lessons in a teaching centre. 

English language course providers in the UK can include any of the following:


Private language schools

Educational trusts

Charities and language centres in colleges - they offer courses tailored to an individual learner's needs

The courses provided by all of these will obviously vary in length as many providers offer a range of different ones. Examples of the different courses can include general tuition classes, examination preparation classes and one-to-one tuition. Another factor to account for is the flexibility around the number of hours that can be done on a weekly basis. This will influence the actual cost of language tuition for progression from level A1 to A2 and it will therefore ultimately depend on the number of hours and weeks of tuition that an individual learner requires. Costs will also vary depending on factors including the language ability of the learner, their study skills and how much private study they undertake. 

A2 English Test Sample Papers

Here at A2 English Test we do things properly, or simply don’t do them at all. We don’t just say we will provide something, like test sample papers for example, and then never actually do it. Our word is our bond. We will provide a full-length A2 English Test structured with questions and tasks similar to the proper exam that you will take on the day of the actual exam. You can download the full test in a pdf file on the link provided. No registration is needed. It’s important to note that the A2 English Sample Test is for practice purposes only.

The A2 English Test Sample contains three sections:

Section I: Grammar

Section II: Reading comprehension

Section III: Listening comprehension

The practice test will take you about 45 minutes give or take. On the day of the actual test, you need to remember to complete the whole section, including grammar, reading and listening, before you move on to the next section. The optional speaking and writing exam can be started once you’ve successfully completed the main test. This is such a nice add one and will give you so much peace and it will truly make you feel prepared and in control of the entire process. 

A2 English Test Centre Near Me

Are you in the process of preparing for and on your way to hopefully successfully completing your A2 English Test, but finding it extremely difficult to find the most convenient exam centre in terms of your geographic location? No need to struggle any longer. At A2 English Test we offer a total of 17 exam centres across the UK. They are placed very strategically and with purpose. It’s literally impossible for one of these to not be around the corner from wherever you may find yourself.